About us.

I am Joe, and I am a Regular Joe Trader. Trading has become more than a hobby, and is now a side hustle along side my day job. That is why I started Regular Joe Traders, to help the other Regular Joes out there that are doing the same as me, and need help along the way.

So, What is a Regular Joe Trader?

A Regular Joe Trader is someone who:

  • Has a passion for the markets, but hasn’t quite made that step to full time trading.

  • When they wake up, prioritises checking how the daily candles closed overnight, and tweak or close any trades they have running, or place new entries for the day.

  • Uses their break time at work to study the markets; either staying on top of news events, scalping the lower time frames, or developing that all important trading strategy.

  • Glances at a co-workers screen and recognises either a broker platform, or Trading View interface, and starts up a conversation about trading, leading to a friendship, sharing trading ideas and set ups.

  • During their commute, listens to Podcasts from the excellent ForexQ&A, or DailyFX, or watches the indispensable NoNonsenseForex YouTube channel.

  • Spends time after work researching markets, testing indicators or chatting with other Regular Joe Traders online.

How we can help you.

The services we offer.

We offer a range of Off the Shelf indicators to suit different styles of trading, for use with the leading charting platform Trading View.

We can also build and develop Bespoke Indicators for you, either based on your trading strategy, or we could make a few tweaks to our Off the Shelf products.

We also offer links to some of the best FREE trading material and advice we have found on the internet. We believe that good quality indicators should not cost the earth, and mastering technical analysis, trading psychology and money management SHOULD NOT COST A PENNY.

Why we do it.

Being a Regular Joe Trader can be hard at times, and we want to help. We have all seen those warnings on the brokers sites saying “76% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and CFDs with this provider”, but with the right tools and knowledge Regular Joe Traders do not need to be in this number.

Want to find out more?

Check out the F&Q page for more general information, or we love to hear from you, so get in touch using the contact us button below!