Frequently asked questions.

The only silly question is the one that doesn’t get asked… here are some of our most common ones that do get asked:

When i order an indicator How will It be delivered?

At checkout just provide us with your TradingView Username, and as soon as payment has cleared the indictors will show up in the “Invite Only Scripts’ folder of your trading view indicators .

When i order an indicator When will It be delivered?

Delivery could take up to 24 hours depending on payment method.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal and Apple Pay.

Are your indicators Compatible with MetaTrader 4 or 5?

Our indicators are currently only compatible with TradingView, (see below why). We are woking on integration with other platforms for our off the shelf products. but are open to undertake bespoke projects for use on MT4 & MT5 as well as Ninja Trader, Think or Swim and cTrader.

Why do you work with TradingView?

TradingView provides traders with an easy to understand platform that enables you to trade at your best.

TradingView is one of today’s leading browser-based charting platforms.

With a wide array of customization options available to users and a smooth charting experience, TradingView has elevated charting industry standards.

TradingView specializes in providing a charting experience that gives traders the ability to personalize their charts. Additionally, TradingView is also a social platform for traders. You have the ability to join discussions, follow traders, and a whole host of other community driven content.

There is a cost to using TradingView but for serious traders looking to improve, this is an investment to seriously consider.

And a lot more reasons why HERE - courtesy of

What if I am not happy A product i have bought?

If you are not happy with any of our off the shelf products, we would be sorry to hear it and happy to provide a full refund within 7 days of purchase. Just get in touch and we will make it right.