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Welcome to Regular Joe Traders.

helping every regular Joe To trade like a pro.


our mission:

We want to create and share, indicators and tools that make Trading FX, COMMODITIES and futures as simple and effective as possible for every regular joe trader.

We strive to give the edge With INDICATORS that are reasonably priced, and work well.

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There is lots more to tell you about us… 

Our products and services.


OFF the Shelf indicators.

Our range of Off the Shelf indicators can be utilised by any trading style, and give direction in any market conditions. Using them together makes them even more powerful.

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Bespoke indicators.

In addition to our Off the Shelf indicators we also offer a Bespoke indicator design service. We create a perfect indicator, or combination of indicators to meet the needs of your trading strategy.

What’s more, as well as building bespoke indicators from scratch to meet your needs, we also offer customisation of our existing indicators. Want the colour scheme changing? Need a more aggressive entry? Let us know and we can make it happen.

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