RJT Smart Money Strategy - Trade Overview Indicator

RJT Smart Money Strategy - Trade Overview Indicator


The fundamental idea behind the strategy that this indicator is used to trade, is that when a move in the market is larger than other recent moves, a move in the opposite direction to a degree of the first move will often follow. 

Use this indicator with the "Smart Money - Trade Entry indicator" to show on the chart where Take Profit 1 (White), Take Profit 2 (Pink), Stop Loss (Grey) and Long & Short Entries (Blue and Red) are located. 

Adjusting the Entry and Take Profit settings allows for either an agressive, or reserved entry and take profit strategy. The stop loss can also be adjusted. All adjustments are in terms of a factor of the range of the bar in which they are placed. 

If using with "Smart Money - Trade Entry indicator, the settings should be adjusted together.

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